stage候台BACK, an artist run space, was founded in 2008 by German artist Susanne Junker. It was formerly based in the 696 Weihai Road studio complex. After the eviction of 696 Weihai Road by Chinese authorities in May 2011, stage候台BACK has moved into a new collaboration with Eastlink Gallery. Since June 2011, both galleries are operating out of the Eastlink space in M50 (50 Morganshan Road) in Shanghai.


"stage候台BACK is a young, ground breaking operation, heavily involved in international projects. I believe this fits well with Eastlink's history of working with China's early avant guarde. This new dynamic will work perfectly," Li Liang, owner of Eastlink said.


Eastlink is one of China's earliest contemporary art galleries, having worked with the majority of China's now well known artists from Huang Yan to He Yunchang. It has been a major fixture in China's avant guarde scene, hosting the Ai Weiwei curated "Fuck Off" show in 2000, among its many other achievements. Times have changed, so we want to represent that. For international and new Chinese artists, to show in such a historic space, it is a great opportunity," Susanne Junker, of stage候台BACK said.


The space will now have alternate shows, whereby Eastlink will focus on managing its extensive archive of historic works. stage候台BACK will continue its program of cutting edge contemporary exhibitions by international and Chinese artists. We will now spearhead a showcase of the new, dynamic international art scene in China from this shared space as well as travel overseas to present our concept at international events in Europe and abroad.


stage候台BACKs program has concentrated on cultural and intellectual exchange between the East and the West since its opening. Apart from the importance of education, discoveries of artists that show intriguing plates and disturbing displays to create strong reactions is in the main focus. stage候台BACK's link to an international dialog is obvious and it endeavors to add to the diversity of the relatively homogenous art scene in China today.



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